• Unlimited: Unlimited information, messages, videos and all kinds of content can be transferred in limited areas with QR code. You can access all kinds of details about the product, from the promotional video of the product to the user's manual, in a magazine advertisement, on a billboard, in the store or on TV, just by reading it.
  • Arouses Curiosity: One is curious about what is in that QR code, in accordance with the natural human structure. It becomes an indispensable element for guerrilla-style advertising campaigns. With the right editing, it is possible to increase the level of curiosity and increase the feedback.
  • Everywhere is Showcase: When you combine it with the e-commerce application, every place where the QR code of your products is located is your showcase. From the wine offered at the guest to the sweater that is seen and admired by a friend, your customers are now your live showcase.
  • You are a successful sales representative: When you add a product in your store, it can recommend similar products, the store can introduce colors and models that you do not have in stock, recommend accessories suitable for the product, and take orders for out-of-stock products and deliver them to the address.
  • Social: By connecting to all kinds of social media applications, customers can follow the brand, become a member of the site, send comments, report complaints and satisfaction.
  • Enables creativity It is a user-friendly marketing tool for Launch, Special Offer, sweepstakes and discounts. It is very effective in transforming the promotion into sales by reinforcing it with interactive applications. From digital discount vouchers, raffles at events, and new product launches to products of the day applications that provide instant discounts and sales, the limit in creativity is only the practitioner.
  • Cheap: Considering the results it brings, it is a very cheap marketing and promotion instrument. There are many software available on the internet that can use the application for free. Detailed applications that will use Database for large-scale retailers can also be created at very reasonable prices in terms of cost.
  • Durable: Unlike bar codes, 2D QR Codes can still be read and used even if worn, corroded, and even if the line 3 point (Max) is punctured. In this respect, it is easy to apply especially outdoors or on sensitive products.
  • Website addresses can be easily converted to qr code. Qr codes can be analyzed. In this way, the success rates of promotions and campaigns can be measured.
  • QR codes can be easily printed. Thanks to printing, QR code interaction with customers can take place at any time.
  • QR codes can be generated in various formats and file extensions. QR codes can be produced in svg, pdf, png base64 formats.
    • Svg Qr Codes The SVG file format, which is mostly used with photoshop and illustration programs, was developed by the W3C. SVG is an image file format widely used by graphic designers and web designers. SVG today; It is supported by browsers such as Google, Opera, Safari and Mozilla. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) stands for scalable vector graphics. Unlike the usual JPG, PNG, GIF image formats, SVG has a vector infrastructure, not a pixel infrastructure. It is very easy to edit due to its vector infrastructure. SVG, which is an XML-based file format, also has the feature of being a scannable and compressible structure. It is possible to format the SVG file easily with non-professional CSS knowledge. To achieve this, tools such as IDE and text editor are used. The file size of SVG is very small. The SVG file can be resized to any size.
    • Png Qr Codes PNG is an abbreviation for Portable Network Graphics and is a storage format used to store images with lossless compression. Palette or true color images in PNG format can be stored with an optional transparency channel. You can get output in picture format thanks to png QR codes.
    • Pdf Qr Codes PDF (Portable Document Format; Portable Document Format) is a digital file format for creating portable and printable documents across platforms.Due to the free viewer available for many platforms, PDF is preferred for distribution of printable and non-editable documents. The file format is open and is in the process of becoming an ISO standard. You can print your QR codes in text format with pdf file format.
    • Base64 Qr Codes Base64 is an encoding scheme that allows binary data (English: binary data) to be transmitted and stored in environments that use only ASCII characters.
  • You can change the color scheme of the QR codes. This way you can edit the background colors and the colors of the black points. You can customize the color scheme of the qr code.
  • You can add title and alt text to qr code. In this way, the user who will scan the qr code is informed in advance. Adding title and alt text will increase the interaction of the Qr code.
  • You can easily view the past transactions and history of the QR codes you have created.
  • The created Qr codes can then be rearranged and printed repeatedly.

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